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Washington Times op-ed about how governments can help to restart economy in post-ISIS Iraq.
In the American Interest: Security in the Aftermath of ISIS 

If crimes against widows and orphans cry out to heaven for redress, then so do crimes that create widows and orphans.

In Defense of Christians launched the Haven Project (now known as IraqHaven.org) to reverse the genocide — to help these communities recover their self sufficiency by influencing international actors, investors, and the refugees themselves to recover and resettle the Nineveh Plain in Northern Iraq — the onetime cradle of Christianity in the Middle East.

(IDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations to us are Tax-Deductible.)

The survival of a safe zone relies on economic growth (which in turn relies on security, but not only on security). Donors and donor nations are not enough; investors and workers are needed. And a rule of law with economic liberty.

The Christian culture of work is a hopeful sign for the haven’s ultimate transition to economic self sufficiency.

When Christians are left alone, they flourish economically.
Let’s help them help themselves.

Our persecuted brethren are willing to fight to survive in the Middle East:

 Are you willing to help?

Stephen Hollingshead, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Haven Project
In Defense of Christians
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